About Me

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Forty years ago I was a young Army Second Lieutenant stationed at Fort Riley, Kansas when a friend encouraged me to try photography. I bought a camera and even dabbled with processing my own photographs in the dark room available in the Fort Riley Arts & Crafts Center.  For some long forgotten reason, I put the camera down and lost interest in photography.

Fast forward to 2011. My wife and I are doing more international traveling and I decide I need something more than a point and shoot camera. I purchased a new Canon DSLR and over time became frustrated with the quality of my photographs and the limitations of using the "Auto" setting on the camera

In 2013 I experienced a very emotional, life changing event. I enrolled in a Barefoot Contessa Photo Adventures workshop in Death Valley.  Professional photographers Margo Pinkerton and husband Arnie Zann, conduct these workshops, and patiently taught me how to "see" better. I learned to appreciate the magic of light and the mystery of shadow. Margo and Arnie are now dear friends and cherished mentors. 

Even though I've only been photographing seriously for seven years, I find myself absolutely passionate about and consumed with photography.  I have primarily focused on landscape photography yet after two trips to Cuba, I find myself interested in photographing people in the course of their everyday lives. I've also rediscovered my long lost love for black and white photography as well as abstract photography.  

I strive to not only capture the scene in front of me but also the emotions I’m feeling at the time. In viewing my photographs, I hope to transport you to that special place, to stimulate your emotions and envision what it might have been like to be standing there with me.