Purchasing Prints

Please use my Contact form to purchase any of my prints.

I like to oversee the printing of my photographs you wish to purchase.

Using my local trusted printing firm allows me to insure the quality of the print you're purchasing.  

I prefer professional quality premium luster paper for my prints. However if you desire, I can have photographs printed on different types of paper, metal or even canvas. 

The sizes listed below are of the actual image, not the paper which will be a few inches larger allowing me room to sign each print on the white border. In order to maintain the quality of the print, I limit print size to 28" on the long side.

3:2 Ratio Sizes (Vertical or Horizontal):                                Square Sizes:

8"x12"                                                                                          10"x10"

15"x 10"                                                                                       12"x12"

12" x 18"                                                                                      14"X14"

14 x 21"                                                                                       16"X16"

I typically do not title my images, however on my site each image is numbered 1/10 or 2/10 etc. When contacting me please provide the name of the portfolio containing the image, the image number and a brief description of the image. 

Once we have made contact, please allow 1-3 weeks for printing and shipping as each print is custom made. My prices are based on the size of the print and print medium.  Most prints will be in the $100-$200 range.   Prints will be professionally rolled, packed and mailed in a heavy duty shipping tube. Shipping costs are extra and I only ship within the U.S. 

Please understand we travel often so there may be a delay in responding to your request.